Energy Charts


What are the minimum requirements to display the Energy Charts?

All actual and modern browsers except Internet Explorer 9 and below are supported on desktops, tablet and mobile devices. However the performance of our visualisations are depending on the amount of the selected data and your system performance.

This website uses XHTML1.0, CSS3 and JavaScript. To display our data visualizations it is necessary to activate JavaScript. For more information on the used JavaScript libraries see:

Q: Why do empty pages appear instead of diagrams?

1. It may be that the visualization is not supported by or compatible with your browser. Refer to the question "What are the minimum requirements needed to display the energy charts?".

2. Another reason may be your browser’s cache. The cache temporarily stores copies of the pages so that they can be reloaded faster. After an update, it may be that a library is falsely linked and therefore the cache needs to be cleared.

Q: In what format or time zone are the times in the Energy Charts given?

A: Date and time are automatically converted into the local time zone of the system by your browser and JavaScript. Therefore the times given in the charts and the update times are displayed in your local time zone.

If you would like to display the data in terms of German time (Berlin, UTC+01:00), then you must temporarily change your time zone over to the Berlin time zone. Then reload the webpage using F5 key. Don’t forget, however, to change the time zone back to your local time zone once you leave the webpage!